2 Sets of 6 LED Fog Warning Light Indicators

$27.95 $47.95

The rule of thumb for driving safe is to be wary of other drivers and to drive with the assumption that they are less cautious than the standard expectation. And a great way to do this is to offer other road users as much help as possible using car signal, horns, and hand gestures. Our 6-LED daytime running light kit adds an excellent way for you to notify other drivers of an impending collision with your car, especially during bad weather conditions. And our DRL lamps are a universal fit, so you can set them up on your car, SUV, or truck using a simple installation process. You can also use the light as an extra outlet for other indicators such as the brake light, the fog light, or the backup lighting. And it is completely waterproof.


Installation Instructions


  1. Open the trunk of your car
  2. Remove all screws that hold the inside panel of the trunk cover and pull the panel out
  3. Remove all the buttons, pins, clips, and screws if any, before opening the trunk handle back cover
  4. Fish the wire through the spaces and connect it to the daytime running light (DRL) line
  5. Use 3M adhesive tape or screws to attach the light bar to a suitable location
  6. Screw the covers back on
  7. Enjoy


  1. Fish the wire into the hood of your car and connect it to the front DRL line