Below you will find illustrated examples on how to install the wireless car door shadow lights.


1. Unbox the parcel sent to you.

2. Identify the various parts.
a. Car projector light (with 3M tap behind and on/off button, with automatic sensors)
b. Logo lenses of your selection
c. Magnetic strip
d. (optional) Elevated cardboard strip

3. Choose where you'd like to install the lights. 

4. Ensure that the distance between the magnet and the projector lamp is less than 10mm.

5. Place the magnet on your inner door sill. The magnet should stay in place as the car body is metal, else, please use tape to securely fasten.

6. Peel the 3M tape off the projector light.

7. Fit it securely on the side of your car door. You make need to make a few alignment adjustments while sitted on the inside of your car to allow the sensors to trigger the lights when the door is open and to turn them off when the lights are closed

How to install wireless car shadow puddle lights myswiftlycar my swiftly car

 To keep your lights bright and crisp, remember to change your batteries regularly!