Full Option Colorful 4-Wheel LED Well Lights (Solar-Powered)

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Number of Wheel Lights:

wheel well lights blue on the road

Product features:
  • Solar automatic charging, this wheel light uses high efficiency solar cells.
  • With a large capacity built-in lithium battery, the lights will last longer
  • Ultra high brightness, the product uses the ultra bright import, the night time traffic has the wide warning, the decoration effect.
  • Intelligent open function, the product by the light and the micro vibration sensor system, automatically flashing while driving at night.
  • Colors will flash automatically between red, green and blue


Add some personalized fun to your car with our exciting Solar-powered 4-Wheel well lights. The lights bring a dash of playful character to your vehicle with an array of 12 LED bulbs that cycle through 4 colors creating an amazing spectacle. And they serve as an effective way to highlight your car at night or during stormy weather to help warn other drivers and road users against crashing into your car. The lights are low maintenance as they run solely on solar power and charge up automatically using highly efficient solar cells. And they use micro vibration sensor system that switches on the light automatically when driving at night for a true hands-off use.


Installation Instructions

  1. Connect the light to the valve of each of your tires and tight in on firmly
  2. Switch the device on and off by holding the power button for 3 seconds
  3. To turn off the device, use a similar three-second press
  4. Circle through the color patterns using single clicks till you get one that excites you



  1. Charge up the device using solar energy for at least an hour before use
  2. Ensure that the lights are screwed firmly onto the tire valve
  3. Keep the solar panel free from dirt to allow maximum power to the device


  • Light Source: LED      
  • Material Type: Plastic      
  • Wattage: 1w      
  • Voltage: 6V      
  • CarModel: for AudiA4, Accent, Accord, Astra, Asx, Camry, Civic, Corolla, Cruze, E39, E46, Elantra, Focus, Forester, Honda CRV, Impreza, K2, Mazda 3, Mazda 6, Octavia, Qashqai, Rio, Swift, etc 
  • Special Features: Powered by solar energy
  • External Testing Certification:CE      
  • Item Type: Warning Lights      
  • Item Diameter: 4.4 cm      
  • Item Weight: 0.5 kg      
  • Color Temperature: 3000k
  • Lumens: 800 Lumens

 Package Includes:

  • 1 Wheel Light


  • Please charge for 1 hour in the sun before using.
  • Keep the surface clean, to ensure that the lights can work perfectly
  • Please tighten all screws, and ensure that the lights are firmly installed. This is to ensure that the lights stay in position during the high-speed rotation of the wheel.

Please also note that you should only purchase this item with the right valve, else it won't fit. As below: