4 Halo Effect Solar Powered Custom Strobe Rim Lights (Fully Waterproof)


wheel well lights blue on the road

Car safety is serious business, or so we have been told. Our Solar-powered Wheel Well Light begs to disagree. It blends a practical car indicator that makes your car more noticeable and helps you avoid accidents with a healthy dose of fun LED color patterns that look awesome and are excellent for showcasing your personality. Each lamp features a whopping 12 LED lights that combine to produce a pretty decent, and beautiful light source that stands out and will be noticed quite easily by other road users. The lights run on a reasonably-sized 450mA that is powered by solar energy.


Installation Instructions

  1. Use the screws to fix the device tightly onto the valves each of your tires
  2. Turn on the lights by pressing and holding the power button for at least 3 seconds
  3. To turn off the device, use a similar three-second press
  4. Select the LED color pattern you favor by using single button clicks to cycle through the available patterns. Or set it to random for an exquisite color-filled experience.



  1. Ensure you charge up the device in the sun for at least 3 hours to avoid damaging the battery
  2. Make sure to tighten the screw firmly to keep the lights from falling off during drives
  3. Keep the solar panel surface clean to allow adequate amount of light through to power the device


  • Avoid accidents while driving at the night and great decoration addition for your car.
  • Durable to use with beautiful lights 
  • Can freely change colors of the lamp
  • Built-in solar charging panels, automatic fast charge
  • When in low light, press the open key 3 seconds to turn on, and press 3 seconds to turn off



Material: PC + aluminum

Color: transparent silver

Battery: 450mA

Light color: 12 bright LED lights

Four options flashing modes: Bright, blue, green, red

Size: 6.5x6.5x4.5cm


Package Included:

4pc solar tire lamp

  • Package Size: 23cm x 18cm x 5cm (9.06in x 7.09in x 1.97in)



1. Please charge more than 3 hours in the sun before use.

2. Regular cleaning solar panel surface, in order to ensure normal work.

3. Please tighten all screws, firm installation products to avoid the product off the wheel to rotate at high speed.