Superior In-Car Remote Controlled Reading Lamp


Drivers everywhere agree on the fact that kids can constitute a serious source of distraction to your driving, especially during long trips. An excellent way to keeps the kids occupied as well as productive is to get them reading their favorite novella (or maybe sorting out their holiday assignments) during such long drives. This powerful LED interior reading lamp for your car allows you set up your in-car "library" without any negative impact on your car energy source. Theis remote-controlled RGB lamp draws power from two AAA batteries to light up your car with a warm LED light that does not affect your external visibility. Also, you can customise the brightness, color, and lighting mode to create unique lighting schemes for different scenarios.


Installation Instructions

  1. Insert two AAA batteries into the appropriate receptacle to supply power to the device
  2. Attach the lamp firmly to the roof of your car using the included harness
  3. Customize the lighting to match your need using the remote included in the package