Extra Anti-collision Fog Lights with Beautiful Starlight Pattern


Admittedly, foggy days are one of the worst to go on a drive. As fog and rain can make it hard for other road users to see your car. With our Starlight Laser, we offer you an excellent way to increase car visibility and improve your safety during adverse weather conditions. The safety tail-light lamp forms a fan-shaped aura behind your car, one that is excellent for warning other drivers to keep a safe distance.


Installation instructions:

1. Open the rear door/trunk of your car

2. gently loosen all screws that hold the inside panel of the trunk cover

3. Pull and separate the inside of the trunk door

4. Find and open all the buttons, pins, clips, and screws if any, before opening the trunk handle back cover

5. Use the 3M sticker to fix the laser light in any convenient space around the trunk handle

6. Fish the wire through the spaces and connect it to either the license plate light line, the brake light line or to the rear fog light line, depending on your preference.

7. Adjust the angle of the light to 180 degrees to your car.

8. Enjoy



Please do not point the laser light directly at your eyes while you are installing the lamp.