Bundesliga Mask and Ear Saver

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Bundesliga Ear Helper | Bundesliga Ear Saver | Bundesliga Ear Strap | Bundesliga Ear Relief | Bundesliga Mask Adapter | Bundesliga Face Mask

Are you an enthusiast of the German football league? Show your support for Bundesliga by buying this Bundesliga ear saver!
Protect your ears from chafing with these ear savers! Each one is handmade with care and are adjustable.
Our ear relief mechanisms are made with high quality PU leather with an inner PVC. Made for greater comfort as we understand the pain from the extended wear of masks. Especially suitable for key workers (cleaners, nurses, doctors, delivery persons etc) in this COVID-19 pandemic. Together, let's save the ears of the life-savers keeping us going through this tough period.

If you'd like to get the other designs not included in this listing, let us know in the notes.

Adult measurements
Length: 14.2cm
Width: 1.8cm
Thickness: 0.12cm
Weight: 3g
Please allow for some reasonable difference in measurements.

Children measurements
Length: 9cm
Width: 1.8cm
Thickness: 0.12cm
Weight: 2g
Please allow for some reasonable difference in measurements.

If you'd like to customise your own designs, please contact us.

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NOT SOLD IN STORES! Be the first to grab it!

5 star reviews! ✮✮✮✮✮

"I always receive great compliments about it and am asked where did I get it!" - Tony C., New Hampshire

"The print is high quality and the material is sturdy! It's flexible and easy to use." - Jeff S., Minnesota

"Bought these because my face mask strings keeps chafing my ear, and this item is very simple to use! I was able to wear my mask in comfort after buying this and now everyone I know is interested where I got it from." - Avery P., Oklahoma

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