Super Bright White Brake Light


Give other drivers zero excuses to bash your car with this powerful 33cm brake tail-light. The lamp uses an astounding setup of 18 LED bulbs to throw off a 2400 lumens bright white light that is hard to miss, even from a mile off. And its low power usage and easy installation process make this piece a no-brainer. The lamp is made from high-grade heat resistant plastic.


Installation Instructions:

1. Open the rear door/trunk of your car

2. Unscrew all screws that on the inside panel of the trunk cover

3. Pull and separate the inside of the trunk door

4. Find and open all the buttons, pins, clips, and screws if any, before opening the trunk handle back cover

5. Attach the lamp to the back of your car by screwing it on or using 3M adhesive tape.

6. Fish the wire through a scape from the door handle area and connect it to the brake light line.

7. Screw the inside panel of the trunk door back on.

8. Adjust the lamp mount to any angle you see fit.

9. Enjoy