Benelli Leoncino 500CC Windscreen Windshield Wind Deflector Motorcycle

$49.95 $69.95


Made with high quality ABS plastic, this Benelli Leoncino 500CC windscreen deflects wind for you with a trusty smoke color. 

The dimensions can be found in the third image, do ensure that this gorgeous piece will fit your motorbike!


Smallest width at 18cm

Longest width at 24cm

Height at 17cm


Reviews on the Benelli Leoncino 500CC motorbike:


Benelli’s current range of small to mid-capacity Chinese-made nakeds, adventure bikes and scramblers are a far cry from the fire-breathing superbikes and super nakeds of the early noughties, but the Benelli Leoncino is still a true member of the family.

Ok, so the Italian firm has now shifted its focus to produce more affordable, modest everyday machines, but that’s no bad thing. They’re now a heck more affordable and after a day spent riding the new Leoncino on the country roads and towns near Benelli’s factory in Pesaro, Italy, (just down the road from Valentino Rossi’s house) we’re pleased to report isn’t half bad, either.

The funky roadster is stylish, well built, easy to ride, fun, charming, characterful and refreshingly different. Of course, it’s built down to a price, but there’s no signs of cost cutting despite a price tag that puts its Japanese and European competition in the shade.     


If you like the styling and the price keeps you interested, definitely give this machine a go, it’s got the goods and is worthy of a look in, if you’re in the market. It’s ideal for a learner, and won’t be grown out of like some of the smaller capacity options, and if you’re fully licensed but want something a little more constrained, but fun, relaxed and with enough go to have fun, the Leoncino is ideal.