2 Piece LED Car Indicator Lights for Rear View Mirrors

Emitting Color:

Noticeable turn signals are the difference between hitch-free rides and full-on road rages. And like every experienced driver knows, OEM signal light do not guarantee that other road users will anticipate your change of course. Our 2-piece LED safety signal lights helps to bridge this gap. These indicators feature properly adjusted LED lights that significantly improves your car's signal visibility without affecting your vision. And they work in sync with your inbuilt turning signal to give you a seamless, improved driving experience.


Installation instructions:

- Pop out the mirror from the compartment (this is quite easy for most cars)

- Separate the glass from the remaining components by using a fishing line in a sawing motion while applying heat to the top of the glass using a heatgun

- Run the wires of through the hole in the mirror box and then attach the device to the frame using duct tape or adhesive

- Fix the mirror back onto the mirror box

- Remove your car's dashboard (process varies for different car models)

- Fish the wires for the LED through the door hinges to under your car's dashboards

- Attach the wires to the turn signal connectors.

- Enjoy