Car manufacturers have been increasingly innovative in designing headlights. Gone are the days when light quality and functionality are the only considerations for choosing headlights. Luxury cars such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz all have innovative designs that range from wow to outrageous such as having Swarovski crystals. Good thing, there is another favorable trend in car headlight designs nowadays: LED lights.

LEDs have been used for quite a while now, but other lights such as laser and halogen still dominate the road. Nevertheless, with the increasing popularity of LED lights, we can see three things that make LED better for car headlights.

First, LED lights have better light quality. LED lights have better color compared to halogen bulb. It also solves the problem of laser headlights being too bright for incoming traffic. While others still believe that LED lights are too strong and blind the incoming traffic as well, LEDs have warmer and short-ranged light compared to HID bulbs too and are therefore, less blinding for the other drivers. After all, LEDs emit illuminating white light rather than shaky yellow ones. Accordingly, with the type of light LED emit, they make nighttime driving and driving in foggy conditions much safer too. Thus, LEDs are the best option for car headlights in terms of light quality (Business Insider).

Second, LEDs are efficient. For one, LEDs convert 80% of energy into light, wasting only 20% in the process-- unlike halogen light bulbs that do the opposite. This energy efficiency could be converted into fuel efficiency. Because LEDs have better conversion process, it draws much lesser fuel from the vehicle compared to halogen lights. There is no need to install and reinstall replacement bulbs within much longer time. Hence, LEDs are arguably the most efficient option for car headlights.

Third, LED headlights are better in terms of installation and maintenance. Specially designed ones are easy to install. Even non-mechanics can install them by using minimal tools within short period of time. With its efficiency and solid quality that can last up to 22 years of heavy use, LED lights are much easier to maintain compared to halogen and laser lights that require changing bulbs regularly. Overall, its efficiency and low maintenance requirements make it cheaper compared to other types. While initial investment could be high, as LED lightbulbs tend to have more expensive price tags, one can really get the most out of his/her money because of the efficiency of LED headlights in terms of installation, maintenance, and overall usage.

In the end, LED headlights are better compared to the typical halogen and laser bulbs for many reasons. Most importantly, high quality light is LED’s strongest advantage over other types of lighting systems. It also offers much efficient energy conversion so they use up lesser fuel-- making it more economic compared to others. Lastly, they are easy to install and require low maintenance efforts because of its efficiency and long life. Hence, these lights are by far the most favorable alternative for car owners who value quality and efficiency above all other.