Wireless Under Cars Light Installation

Ever had to YouTube complicated videos on how install led car light accessories, only to realise this is a job for professionals (unless you're willing to risk messing up your car?)

With our custom wireless LED car lights made only with the highest quality CREE, you won't have these worries anymore! Just peel the sticky tape, stick it on the side of your car door, and align the metal piece to match the sensors. Voila, you have your underglow lights! No video necessary, but here's one anyway.

 Now you have your under lighting for your vehicle. 

Look, ma, I don't have to go through articles like the one below anymore!

"Puddle or underbelly car lights are automotive lighting accessories that are mounted onto the skirt or rocker panels of a vehicle to provide illumination underneath your car. Wired into the interior car lights system, these car lights can be installed by individuals who have some experience with doing DIY custom mods.

If you want to install puddle lights yourself, you can follow these general steps. The procedure is intended for use with puddle car lights that are pre-assembled with nuts for flush mounting. Keep in mind that some steps in the process may vary due to the unique features of your vehicle. If you are not certain how to perform any of the steps, we recommend leaving installation in the hands of a professional installer, as improper installation could damage the puddle lights or the lights in your car interior.

Materials Needed:

  • Power drill
  • Drill bit
  • Hole saw
  • Screwdrivers of varying sizes
  • Relay switch
  • Wire terminal
  • Wire
  • Splice wire connector
  • Safety glasses and gloves

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1. Take the side skirt off of your vehicle. The procedure for doing this will vary and in some cases, a special tool will be required. Consult your owner's manual for specific instructions. This general process will work for most side skirts.

  • a. Take out the screws located on the underside of the side skirt.
  • b. Take out the screws that hold the side skirt to the mud flap of your vehicle. The mud flap should come off completely once this is finished.
  • c. Use a flat head screw driver to loosen the side skirt at each clip. More force will be required for the initial clips, but then the process will become easier. Be careful not to break the clip housings.

2. Once you have taken off the side skirt, mark the points where you wish to install each puddle light. For best results, position the lights so that there is an equal amount of space between each one.

3. Drill a small starter pilot hole at the spot of the first mark.

4. Measure the lights to determine what size hole is needed. Choose the right hole saw size and drill into the pilot-hole from the outside of the side skirt.

5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you have created holes in the spot of each mark.

6. Place a puddle light in each hole and secure it with the nut. Do not tighten all the way yet.

7. Connect all of the red wires and all of the black wires together. Make sure that the rubber covers included with the wires are securely in place over all of the ends.

8. Put the skirt back onto your vehicle and take off the side kick panel.

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9. Take off the door step. Normally this can be done by applying gentle pressure with a flat head screwdriver. Consult your owner's manual for specific instructions.

10. Test the auto lights to make sure they illuminate. This can be done with a variety of power sources. If they don't work, check all of the connections and try again.

11. Take off any additional parts that remain in the area of the kick panel, so that you can access the rubber foam liner that is underneath.

12. Gently lift up on the foam liner.

13. Feed the wires through the liner.

14. Repeat Steps 1 to 13 on the other side of your vehicle.

15. Locate a spot under the dashboard of your vehicle where you can connect the wires for the right and left car door lights. The ideal spot will vary. You may need to use clips or tools to access a good spot.

16. Connect the wires in the proper places and then tuck them away.

17. Go back to the driver's side of your vehicle and trim any extra wires. Then connect the red to the red and the black to the black.

18. Choose how you want to wire your puddle lights. One option is to use a switch and connect the lights, so that you can power them on and off independently, but many people choose to connect their puddle lights to the car interior lights. The procedure that follows is for connecting the puddle lights to the automotive lighting in the car interior.

19. Connect the red wire into the relay switch, loop one white wire and then connect the other white wire to the fuse box. Connect the blue wire to the fuse box as well.

20. Use taps to connect the white and red wire and the blue to the purple/white wire.

21. Check for any signs of exposed wires. Wrap well with tape.

22. Turn on your car interior lights to see if they are operable.

23. Assuming that everything works as expected, replace all of the components of your vehicle and enjoy your new puddle lights."

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