A car light is a very important requirement for a vehicle. Its very main function is to provide illumination when necessary. Also, some people see car lights as an additional cool attitude to add on cars, that’s why there are many car owners who customized their car’s lighting. But aside from these details, car lights are made and designed to ensure a car’s safety when being driven and used on the road. Therefore, it is significant to know the types of car lights and their specific purposes and usage. With that, it is easy to determine what types of car lights you might be needing to add or replace in the future.

Types of Car Lights

  1. Hazard Lights - Hazard lights or hazard warning lights are a pair of intermittent flashing indicator lights. It flashes in unison to warn other drivers that a vehicle is a temporary obstruction or it is about to slow down, reverse of stop. Hazard lights are also used to inform other drivers and motorists that there is a hazardous situation that should be dealt with therefore a fast speed can be expected.
  2. Brake Lights - It is a red light at the back of a vehicle. When car brakes are applied, brake lights automatically illuminates. This type of brake light is highly important as it serves as a safety feature and even a tool of courtesy to other drivers.
  3. Fog Lights - When there is an overwhelming rain, fog or snow, fog lights are being used to see a clearer vision of the road. This car light is manually turned on because the usage may not be always necessary. Fog lights have a unique beam shape because they are flat and wide which are positioned low on the car.
  4. Side Lights -  There are various types of a side lights but typical side lights are the small, white, dim lights located on the front nearside and offside corners of the car. Some says sidelights are not really necessary. However, they are made to provide extra illumination in the hours of road darkness.
  5. Dipped Headlights - These car lights are also known as low beam. Low beam is used to enable oncoming traffic to see.
  6. Full Beam Headlights - This type of car light is used when a driver wants to see as far ahead as possible.

Car Lights Importance

Car lights have specific functions but they all have the same purpose and that is to help a driver or signal other drivers. With these car lights being used, vehicles like cars, two-wheelers, trucks, etc. are interconnected with each other especially for safety aspects. All people should be conscious when it comes to safety driving. Before driving, you should always check all your vehicle parts. These are your car tires, engine, wipers and your car lights. These days, it is undeniable that vehicular accidents are very common. It has cost the lives of many. It is never too late to lessen these incidents or prevent them at all. By simply checking your car lights, it could mean a lot.