When you are driving your own car, or any other car for that matter, you must know every part of it, or at least the basics. You should have an idea of the parts and functions of each so you would know what to do in case you’re left on a hanging road or when you are passing by a dark road on a dark night. Speaking of dark, you should know about the different lights on your car and its functions. These lights will help you warn other drivers around you or signal them that you are going to change lanes.

  1.      Headlights

The headlights are usually used to see the road ahead of you when it’s dark; sometimes it is also used to signal another vehicle that you are approaching. There are two types of headlights: the low beam and the high beam. The low beam is used to elucidate and give proper lighting without blinding other drivers. The high beam headlights give you a heavy amount of light, without control of glare, making it dangerous for the other drivers around you.

  1.      Tail lights

Tail lights are automatically operated once your turn on the headlights. These lights aid the motorists behind you so they know how far ahead your car is and it is mandatory for all drivers to install red bulbs and no other colored-bulbs are allowed to be used as tail lights.

  1.      Fog lights

These lights are positioned near but a little lower than the headlight and only to be used when the headlights are not effectual.

  1.      Brake lights

Brake lights are stationed near your tail lights and the main purpose of these lights is to flag the drivers behind you that you are halting or slowing down.

  1.      Signal lights

Signal lights are positioned in front, beside the headlight, and at the back, just beside tail light of your car. It gives out the hint to other drivers that you are going to slow down a bit because you are turning to another direction or changing lanes. Signal lights are also referred to as blinkers.

  1.      Hazard lights

The use of the hazard lights is to warn others of upcoming road stress or danger, though it can also be used as an indicator that you going through an emergency situation, like maybe bringing a dying friend to a hospital or the likes. These are also known as flashers.

So here are the different types of car lights and their functions that every driver should take note of. Being knowledgeable about your car would help you avoid accidents and to give you at least an idea of what to do in an emergency or when in danger. Proper maintenance and check-ups are important too as it can spare you from driving with broken and busted lights. And we all know that if these lights are important and if they are used improperly, it can lead to an accident, not only involving yourself but also the drivers around you.