For car enthusiasts,

the automobile is an extension of their unique selves. It represents who they are and how every person is distinguishable from anyone else in the world. The speed, performance, and style of the car are reflections of their individual personalities. 


Here are five of the most popular automobile lights that make a ride outshine the rest.

LED Light Pods

Are you looking for an added boost to your vehicle's headlights? If so, LED light pods are just the stuff that will make you happy. It enhances the brightness of your headlights by adding an extra, sometimes more powerful light beam. With the added glare, it blinds the competition and declares your car the brightest on the road.

If just an enhanced headlight is all you need, why get LED light pods? For starters, they are accessories for a reason. While they are indeed considered to be the most functional out of all the added car lights, another purpose it has is swag and style. While most vehicles only have a pair of headlights, you can have two, or even three sets!

Aside from that, the possibilities of where to mount them are endless. While you can opt to put them near the headlights, you also have the option to put it on the front bumper, the lower windshield, or above the windshield. The choices go on and on, and it all depends on your preference.


Wheel Lights

The wheels are commonly upgraded to look more street-worthy and intimidating. It is then but natural that you’d like to add more highlight and focus to it. This is where wheel lights gained its popularity and become a must-have for car enthusiasts.

These added illumination certainly grabs the attention of many people, including fellow car lovers. It is designed to fit around the wheels and barrels, creating a ring that emit vibrant lights with the color of your choice. Think of futuristic science fiction movies such as “TRON” and “Batman” and let your imagination run wild with the myriad of choices you have.

What’s even more exciting is how some variants could actually change color at a given interval. Whether you choose a single scheme or a dynamic one is up to you. That would definitely look cool at any given day, but the nighttime is when it really comes alive. Now that’s swag on a different level!


LED Underglow Lights

Just because the underbody of the car is concealed doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require any attention or highlight at all. With a little bit of illumination here and there, it becomes a background that adds to the automobile's eye-popping modification.

LED underglow lights, as the name implies, are placed under the vehicle to add style and a certain atmosphere to the overall appearance of the vehicle. It doesn’t have any necessary function like LED light pods, but hey, if it makes people’s heads turn, that should be reason enough to have it, right?

Similar to the wheel lights, you also have the option to choose between a constant or animated glow. When paired with other lighting accessories, it’s going to add more layer to the style of your ride.

Also, you need not worry about it getting damaged, considering the fact it is pretty close to the ground. These lights are covered with high impact-resistant acrylic tubing, making them more or less impervious to rough roads. This way, you can simply ride on with pride without worrying too much.

Interior Car Lights

The exterior of the vehicle is already lit up like it’s the 4th of July. It’s already as bright as any science fiction automobile, but it seems like there’s something still missing. That’s right, the inside of your car needs the same treatment, and the same level of style at that.

Interior auto lights can complete the light ensemble on you highly modified vehicle. Having these added upgrades can light up dark places inside the car, such as under the dashboard, below the seats or the footwells. Who knew such accessory lighting could be functional at the same time?

Of course, you can pick the shade of light that you wish to have for your interior upgrade. Some of the most common ones are hues of red, blue, violet, green, brown, and white. The degree of brightness can also be adjusted, so you can pick how dim or bright it is going to be.


Halo Light Bar

You seem to be about finished with the light upgrades right? Wrong. There is one more addition that you can install, and though it isn’t as striking as the others, it adds focus and lines to your lighting schemes.

The halo light bar is the final touch that will further accentuate your car, putting you on the limelight and turning your friends into green-eyed monsters. What it does is outline certain features of your car and light it up, making it more prominent than the rest and creating the focus it deserves.

The ideas of where to place the halo light bars are only limited by your imagination. It can be used to line up edges of the car, strike through the brand and the license plate, or even follow the pattern of the headlights and side mirrors. It’s what will make your custom vehicle a complete masterpiece.

A Cohesive Masterpiece

It is an age-old adage that too much of a good thing is bad. That applies to a lot of things, and this includes design. Fortunately, when it comes to modifying your ride, these five types of car lights can work as one cohesive unit and add flair to your one-of-a-kind ride.

How do you make sure that these different elements work as a team and not separate entities? Here are a few simple tips that will help you create a solid work of art.

  • Color Scheme

    • You are playing with different hues that will light up your car. You have to make sure that each color compliments each other and not antagonize one another. Taking the car’s paint job into consideration is another thing that you may want to think of as well. You don’t want to install all of those lights only to make it look like a little kid’s coloring book. If you’re still unsure, a rule of thumb is to have the same color for all the lights that will contrast the paint job. You can then work your way from there.
  • Brightness

    • Obviously, the LED light pods will be a lot brighter than the rest. But what about the other light upgrades? Do you want the halo light bar to be brighter than your interior, underglow and wheel lights? Or do you wish to pick the wheel lights instead? You will want to have one of them stand out while the others will act as more of a background to the artistry you’ve made.
  • Your Car

    • It doesn’t need to be mentioned, but we’ll still say it otherwise. Don’t forget, your car lights are mere accessories. At the end of the day, what it is highlighting is your car. Never neglect it just because you are spending too much time on customizing it. Is the engine still okay? Is the paint job beginning to fade? The vehicle itself is major part of the masterpiece, so keep everything in check.
  • Your Style

    • It’s your ride. You are not competing against anyone here, rather you are trying to envision your dream ride. You don’t need to compare your setup with that of a custom vehicle you’ve seen online. Follow the look you are going for, and you shouldn’t have a problem. 

While there are different brands, a specific model of a stock vehicle, however, is the same everywhere. It is inevitable that you will run into the same model sooner or later in the streets, as if reminding you how ordinary your vehicle is. This is precisely why car lovers customize their rides.


Why go the extra mile in making modifications? Here are some common reasons.

  • Customization makes you feel that your car is truly yours, and yours alone. No one else has the same concept that you do, so you can put your thoughts out there.
  • It sets you apart from the base design which is built for compromise - it pleases most people, but not a auto owner who screams for individuality. You want a different paint job? Install more accessories or change some parts? You got it!
  • It brings a car lover closer to manufacturing a ride and creates a one-of-a-kind version which can combine aesthetics and enhanced performance. You can indulge yourself in a bit of experimentation and feel good about whatever the results may be. 

And speaking of personalization, one of the most popular upgrades that enthusiasts add to their cars nowadays are lights. The added flair and style makes a ride shine - figuratively and literally. With the flashing lights and kickass modifications, it transforms an originally neutral vehicle into an instant head-turner, making it the envy of the crowd.

Ultimately, customizing one’s car is every automobile lover’s goal. If adding car lights is something that you feel with turn that goal into fruition, then by all means do it! It’s your ride anyway, so make the most out of it.