Are you terrified that your little kid starts driving? Are you afraid that he won't be able to handle it well? Is it true that you don't trust any other driver to watch out for your child? You know about the danger out there and want your baby to be well prepared. You must take it upon yourself to teach him about everything.


You must be thinking where to start. Begin it with lights. Though lights seem easy but are most misunderstood part of the car. Lights are very important and a driver must be aware of all the lights in the car and when and how to use them. This will ensure his and others safety on the road.



A car has various numbers of lights which can be used for different purposes- helping the driver or signalling others. Proper knowledge of various lights in a car and how to use them is a prerequisite for passing the driving test in many countries. When used improperly, or not at all, accidents can happen. This is why it is extremely important to know about the different kind of lights present in a car.


1. HEADLIGHTS: These lights are present in the front of the car. A headlight is of 2 types- High beam and low beam. High beam lights help the driver to see the road in the dark, while also signalling to another driver that a car is present. These lights are very commonly used on highways. Low beams provide a low light to give forward and side illumination. These are used commonly during the night. High beams must be used with utmost precautions as these provide a lot of light with no particular control.


  1. 2.TAIL LIGHTS: These are on the rear of the car and only produce red light whenever the headlights are on. This helps the driver behind you to know about your movement.


3. FOG LIGHTS: These are present near the headlights but are mounted low to prevent the fog from blocking the view ahead. These are used to prevent accidents due to fog and must be used only during fog.


4. SIGNAL LIGHTS: These are used to give the signals regarding turning left, right or slowing down to drivers around you. These lights are present both on the front as well as the rear of the car.


5. BRAKE LIGHTS: these are automatic lights and are lit whenever you pull the breaks to inform the driver behind you that you are slowing down or stopping. These lights are located next to the rear lights.


6. LAMP LIGHTS: These lights are located inside the car and can be used by the passengers or the driver for checking out a map or locate other items in the car. These lights must not be turned on for too long.


Now that you have your lights sorted, let your kid know about the other parts and put the car in the ignition.