The best bobbers deserve the best Harley bob rear fenders

Harley Davidson Bobber, with a humble beginning started as a company back in 1903. With powerful and recognizable imagery, the company has represented “American Motorcycles” and harley bobber builts to large number of population worldwide. For a company that has been there for many years, it is very challenging to outline the 14 greatest bikes of all times. “Enjoy the pleasures of motorcycling as I have, and ride free always” Willie G. Davidson who signed off in his 100 years of Harley-Davidson Motorcycles” once said that. Now let’s take a journey through the 14 greatest Harley Davidson Bobber.

Harley davidson bobber sportster 1200 custom built bobberbrothers harley bikes motorcycles 14 best harley bobber builds 

What Harley bobber is the best?

The Harley Bobber ist among the most popular oldschool conversions of Harley-Davidson models. Models such as the cross bones or forty eight already have very good layouts, but even here targeted custom modifications can significantly improve the look. Traditionally, bobbers roll on small spoke wheels with a large tyre cross-section, have a swinging saddle and are reduced to the bare essentials. Apart from that, you really can do what you like. From the rusty style or the perfect finished custom bike!

VRSCE2 2006

This model is all about its appearance. It has a great revolution of a nice engine which makes it to be fast as well as it handles perfectly. VRSCE2 2006 for its single year release, featured three different color blend that comprises of electric orange, scarlet red pearl as well as yellow and platinum pearl. Its frame was coated orange, red and yellow to match the paint on the bike. Add in a bunch of other CVO chrome and Screaming Eagle upgrades, and you have a head-turner of a V-Rod of the ultimate Harley-Davidson motorcycle. 

CVO Softail Convertible 2012

This model was introduced as part of the venerable Custom vehicle operations (CVO) and is essentially kept in the Harley’s Customization unit for showcasing of its top-of –the-line goodies. The softtail convertible is considered as two bike s in one because of its powerful tourer while riding as well as a sleek cruiser. The latest version includes the advancement of the windscreen and a RoadTech Zumo Gaps unit. It also includes a large seat of 24.4 inches and it is the lightest model.

VRSCDX Night Rod Special 2007

This V-Rod model has a unique specifically, it was designed for lean and mean street/racing. This made it the be the most sinister looking machine in the Harley Davidson line up. 

Harley davidson bobber sportster 1200 custom built bobberbrothers harley bikes motorcycles 14 best harley bobber builds @enviedcycles

XR750 1970

Designed in the 1970, the bike entirely has owned flat-track racing series. Other manufacturers of the model have tried but failed to plunge its dominance as it keeps to win. It is regarded as the most winningest bike in AMA history.

FXRS Sport 1985

This model was simple, featuring a raise suspension and a second disc brake in front. It was yet another sample of Harleys listening to what its riders wanted. The lower suspension on the original FXR was s touch too stiff, and the bike needed much stopping power.

FLSTF Fat Boy 1990

The fat boy took a little bit from the heritage Softail classic and a little bit of that from the softail Custom, then recombined it to make something drastically different, stylistically speaking than anything Harley had previously offered. It is featured with disc wheels and flared fenders. 

VRXSE Destroyer 2007

This sport bike was designed to sell-out-box race to customers. Harley saw an opportunity and did the same for drag racers. This bike completely stands that idea on its pointy little head.


Harley davidson bobber sportster 1200 sportster forty eight custom built bobberbrothers harley bikes motorcycles 14 best harley bobber builds

FXD Dyna Super Glide 2009

 The dyna Super glide has experienced its upgrades in past years. It is featured with Harley Big twin ready for you to do whatever you want to bring your vision of “your Harley” to life. It is also ideal if you are on budget.

Harley FLHR Road King 2012

This unique bike is featured with a rubber-mounted twin cam 103 engine which makes it a powerful machine for off-road rides. Its fuel injection is standard.

Harley Davidson VRSCDA 2001

VRSCDA was the first of its king V-Rod designed in unique way to keep a cool retro skin over ever more refined internals. With this model, Harvey started a fresh to make a unique machine in order to venture into the competitive markets featuring Japanese cruiser as well as American Cruiser manufactures.  

XLCH 1958

It was regarded a sportster back then in 1957. It was fast, powerful and stuffed the competition because some California Harley dealer asked the company to manufacture racing bikes for its customers.

Harley davidson bobber sportster forty eight 1200 custom built bobberbrothers harley bikes motorcycles 14 best harley bobber builds @mottocustom @tuliocfotografias

FLH 1969

The FLH was designed from the police bikes. Officers needed to sit bolt-upright like they were riding a horse. Perhaps, that’s where “Steel horse” nick name originated from.

JDH 1928

Harley manufactured the JDH only for the period of 1928-1929 with an impressive speed of 88 to 100 mph. It featured 1200cc, 74 cubic inch engine. It was showcased by Harley as the fastest model ever in those times.

Model J 1969

Racing model were crazy and fast, including one that set a world-class record of 103 mph at Dayton in 1920. It may not look like much now but it was state-of the-art back then.

 Harley davidson bobber sportster 1200 custom built bobberbrothers harley bikes motorcycles 14 best harley bobber builds


These are just but a few of the greatest model to have ever been manufactured by the Harley’s. We note that there are variety of the greatest Harley Davidson Bobber bikes featured for individuals who have passion in bikes. Bike lovers have the opportunity to experience a sentential moment with Harley’s bikes.

Flat, reduced and with a wide front tyre - this is how the early US harley bobber came along, which were built in backyards in the 40s and 50s on the basis of harley davidson bikes.

Often the basis was a former military bike from the Second World War, which one wanted to keep as cheap as possible in operation as well as to design in a simple way and corresponding to the model of European motorcycles or sporty hillclimbers lighter, faster and more individual. For this purpose, various supposedly unimportant parts, such as the front fender, were removed, some others were cut down to the bare essentials and the engine was tuned.