What has become a staple to many car owners nowadays is the use of dash cameras. Why has it become a norm to get this piece of technology?


Dash cameras are literally cameras, which are small in size, attached to the dashboard or the windshield. Having one attached to your car means less worrying. There have been a lot of reported near-misses, accidents, collisions, to dents and scratches, that have been caught on cam, making it easier to chase bad drivers on the road.


For those who have not gotten themselves a dash camera, you might say that this is just a waste of money. After all, if your a good driver who comply to traffic regulation, then you will not need to have this because you’re on the safe side. Wrong! Take note that the road does not only cater to good drivers who vehemently follow street signs and rules, but careless, drunk and stoned drivers as well.


There have also been incidents where footage can help and stand as an evidence against suspects of road rage. Some others who you might have an altercation with on the road will take your word against his so having this kind of gadget will really help you prove your case.


Parents can also have dash cameras installed in their child’s car, if ever they want to monitor their child’s driving. In fact, police have also this technology installed in their cars, making it easier to record   drivers violating rules and even fighting their way out of the mess they made.


There are tons of brands offering different kinds and features of dash cameras. But first, you need to know what type of dash cam are you going to get. The types are: an interior camera, the exterior camera and the dual camera. The first one records what’s happening inside the car. The second records the front or back view from the car, and the last kind records both the interior and the exterior.


It is something worth investing in as it serves as your security and protection against bad drivers. You have save hard earned money to buy your baby (read: your car), so it is fitting for you to take stretch all means to protect it and yourself as well.


If you are now convinced to buy a dash camera for your car, here are some of the things to keep in mind. First, you can look for a dash cam that offers the auto on/start and auto stop/off. This camera is connected to your lighter power source. Once you turn on your car, this feature will start recording as well.


Second, need to think of the camera’s resolution. It will record while your car is traversing roads, which might be bumpy. So you need to get one that does not easily pixelate. A 720p camera is already decent but you can also get the 1080p which can catch every frame clearer and sharper.


Third, it needs to have a memory card slot. You need a lot of memory as you store footage of everyday drives, whether you met an accident or not. This feature will also help you monitor how you drive.


Finally, choose the one that you think suits your daily needs when it comes to angles. Are you a traveler who always travel for miles? Be sure to get a wide-angle camera to capture footage from the sides. You can also opt to buy the 120 degrees that is acceptable for everyday use.