Best custom wireless LED car light logo

Are you looking to tailor make your very own wireless LED car projector light logo? No drilling necessary. There will be no messy wires, or the risk of ruining your car if you are not a mechanic. Installation is super fast and easy.

We can make it happen for you! Simply contact us on Facebook messenger. Tailor make a unique image that is just yours for any vehicle!

Check out the blazing good reviews we've been receiving from our loyal customers on how much they love their jazzed up trucks with these wireless projector lights! 

5 star reviews! 

"I always receive great compliments about it and am asked where did I get it!" - Tony C., New Hampshire

"Easy installation, color is vivid and crystal clear." - Jeff S., Minnesota

"Bought these because I didn't want to drill a hole into my car door, the installation was easy, took less then five minutes and they look awesome at night!" - Avery P., Oklahoma

We also have a hero series to keep you inspired! Check out Batman, Iron Man, Wonder Woman, Spider Man, Thor, Deadpool, etc...

Take a look at the sports teams that we are constantly updating. We have Minnesota Wilds, Boston Bruins, Atlanta Falcon, New York Giants, LA Kings, Chiefs, Clemson Tigers, Dallas Cowboys, Eagles, Dockers, Laser Blues, Buccaneers, Buffalo Sabres, Chargers, Dolphis, Hawks, Indianapolis Colts, New York Rangers, Panthers, Patriots, Flyers, Penguins, Raiders, Redskins etc...

The last thing you should do is to limit your imagination. Put your family name on it! Put a prayer on it! 

Get a pair of wire-free, distinct logos to call your own, one that you created yourself! Stand out from the crowd with 2 of these extremely high quality CREE lights. Take a look at the video to see just how bright and clear they are, shining up the dark!

These lamps are 3D laser lights of illuminated entry system. When your door is open, it will activate the projector! Serves a practical and functional purpose of lighting the dark, good for preventing accidents or finding objects you accidentally dropped in the car. 

Install in on both your left and right doors! Improve the look and feel of your car, it deserves the loving.

These lights are powered by 3x AAA batteries 4.5V. Batteries are not included. The output power is 1.5 W, with an operating temperature of 40 degrees to 105 degrees.

The projector lights come in a very compact size, with these dimensions: 6.5 x 6.5 x 1.5cm


Our prices are the most affordable and value for money! Get the best quality here.

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