Car enthusiasts witnessed the different evolutions of interior car accessories. They have seen FM radio, cassette player, and CD players – when the digital age started to kick in media players are the new hit, as it no longer requires a lot of gadgets as all you need is your phone or iPod.

But there are certain things to consider when buying digital media car stereos these days.  The most noticeable is the quality since technology has been cheaper and there are a lot of cheap knockoff’s presenting itself on the market. So what should we look for with digital media car stereos?

Connectivity - In today’s market connectivity is the most vital and biggest selling feature. Whether the gadget can connect to an MP3 player, iPod or portable HDD is what the users are looking forward with. Digital Media is to the 21st century and the analog series was like the 20th. In order to achieve total connectivity and integration we are suggesting that you look for models with price range of $100, some products like the Beat 275 for example offer excellent value but do not offer the port for the iPod which is a hit feature. 7/10 people have an iPod with 95% of that figure driving. This information tells that there are a lot of potential individuals driving out there with iPods.

Ports and hubs - The physical connection on a headset unit are more important than how cool and fancy this gadgets looks or what software it is built along with. The required piece is to have at least 1 RCA Pre-out, and Aux in and a USB port. These features can be bought with less than $50. You would also want to be looking for iPod docks, SD slots. The more slots and ports on the head unit the more broad the connection options are. In this market cheap car stereos do the business but can't keep up really when it comes to building bigger powered systems.

Bluetooth - This could have been covered under connectivity but it is about the biggest feature available right now. Bluetooth is a huge business nowadays as a lot of people are becoming conscious of the legal consequences of driving while using hand held gadgets. A quality digital media car stereo will have this feature built in and will save you of purchasing a separate Bluetooth kit saving you a lot of $$$'s. Bluetooth is slowly trimming down in the digital gadgets markets and can be bought for less than $100.

When choosing car stereos it narrows to the old saying of "you get what you pay for" is mostly true, like the MVH-X690BS for example, but this is rare. In this day and age there is a stereo suited to everyone's needs so check out all options and you will find a unit with every feature you need at a price that fits your budget.

The technology used in manufacturing car stereos nowadays is improving yearly; it is amazing the units that are available nowadays. The perfect example is MVH-X690BS that comes along with features like a jack of all trades.