It’s year 2017 and the information age is rapidly changing our world through different technological revolutions. It enables us to do so much things and made our lives pretty convenient. Every age, including the old people and the kids, is as savvy as anyone. Who could stop such epidemic?

Cars are few of this age’s products and many different automobile corporations are rising competitively to catch every consumer’s attention to buy their products. Innovatively thinking to create more for the advantage of every individual’s interest. Inventing beyond to secure us more and do more. Even to the point of making bridge of possibilities between human’s world and robots. But how possible is that? And how relevant is that?


In today’s changing concepts yet unchangeable circumstances we have to keep safe of our lives no matter how busy or demanding the world may seem. Accidents are everywhere and the percentage of road accidents is increasing day by day. One single move of a driver can cause a horrifying accident despite the fact of how careful you are. Moreover, the rising volume of traffic cause problems such as congestion of main roads and harmful effects on the environment and public health. And your car’s intelligent system plays a significant role in this - in your driving life. 


So how ingenious your car is? How safe could you be? The people around you, including the environment – autonomously?



Here are some things to think about your car’s intelligent system:


  1. It controls your car’s speed. We have to admit that somewhere in our lives we have been tempted to somehow overtake and speed up because hello, work is life. We can’t be late, and if some people can’t then you would. But isn’t our heart the most deceiving? That’s why accidents are here.
  2. It controls your direction. No matter how early you try to wake up the next morning, traffic has already existed and you can’t change that unless your sovereign country will make another main road for convenience’s sake. But you can take another route, maybe an unusual road but is safe and your system knows it full well and it will guide you through there.
  3. It controls the distance between cars. Balance maybe is the word for that but you are only human and you commit mistakes and sometimes equilibrium is not your thing so your car’s system is more than willing to help you because you can’t.
  4. It recognizes traffic light. Of course, you can’t get a driver’s license if you don’t know basic things about cars and traffic lights. But maybe you forgot to consult your Ophthalmologist and you thought it is already a “go” sign.
  5. And it is able to make decision accordingly and intelligently. You attended a party last night and the next morning you have managerial meeting. You are in a hurry you even forgot to eat your meal and your brain stability is quite crushing but your car’s system is intelligent enough to decide for you and you wouldn’t be involved in any accident today and next days to come.



I hope you received something significant today and start to consider the importance of your car’s intelligent system. Your life isn’t meant to always be in risk so you might want to invest into something that will change your car, your life. Money is important, and is hard to earn but know that your life is your treasure and investing for it will change your life. So, start upgrading your car now and be safe!