So you’ve bought a new car and you’re really excited about it. You’re probably thinking of some things that you want to do like change the paint of the car, or maybe some accessories as well. Even though those are the things that you would want to do with your car, there is one handy thing that you need to get first and that is a dash cam.

What is a dash cam? A dash cam is a small camera that is attached to the windscreen of your car and it automatically records footage once you start your car’s engine.

Why is a dash cam so vital in this day and age? In this article, I will talk about the 5 reasons why you need a dash cam.

  1. Real-time evidence. This is probably the main reason why people get a dash cam these days. As previously mentioned, a dash cam starts when you turn on your car’s engine. Once the dash cam is recording, it can record vital footage that can help you in case of accidents or mishaps. No one can get away if you have the evidence, right?
  2. Trump card against bad drivers. Road rage has become rampant nowadays and that is usually because of bad or undisciplined drivers. People will argue their case, but once you have footage of what really happened, they cannot get away with that.
  3. Eliminates insurance fraud. Dash cams can also provide ample evidence to prevent insurance fraud. According to statistics, insurance fraud is actually quite common. People will deliberately cause car accidents in an attempt to get insurance money. There are also cases where people extort money from other drivers because they purposely ram their car to yours, for example, and they blame you for the damage. If you have a dash cam, fraudulent people will not be able to get any money from you because the camera sees everything.
  4. Record important moments. Dash cams are not only great for getting evidence, they are also amazing because they can record your important and most memorable road trips as well. If you’re planning to go on a long road trip with your family and you want to record every second of it, the dash cam can help you.
  5. They come with nifty features. Dashboard cameras nowadays have plenty of nifty features such as an HD recording mode, a GPS mechanism which tracks your location and your speed, and some dash cams even have an intuitive and user-friendly interface so even non-tech-savvy people can use it without any problems.

Obviously, there are a lot more reasons why you need to get a dash cam, especially if you have a brand new car. But, I feel that these are five strong reasons why you should get one asap.

Whether you want to record footage or evidence against abusive drivers or you just want to record your perfect moment while you’re on the road with your family, a dash cam will certainly provide those things.