Princess Elsa and Princess Anna from Frozen - Premium Plush!

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Everybody's favorite princesses, Elsa and Anna are back! They come in 50cm sizes, so they feel as real as they did in the movie!

Grab this limited edition plush toy for your kids before they run out! Put a smile on your kids' faces this Christmas when they see their best friends, Princess Elsa and Anna sitting below the Christmas tree. 

Read the great reviews we've received from the parents who have bought this awesome product!

5 star reviews! 

"Because of the huge size of Princess Elsa, my daughter believes that she's the same character as she watched in the movie! The make believe is too real and the quality of the plush is really good. Her friends love her plushie and have already included her in their "clique"! Our daughter relives the show with this premium soft toy." - Tammie H. from North Carolina

"We bought both the princesses for our daughters as we hope that their relationship can be as good as that between Elsa and Anna! It was a truly inspirational show that taught our daughters about what "true" love is, and to cherish family. We bought this in the hopes that the toys will always remind them to love each other, and we constantly refer to the Plushies to remind them about the values they learnt in the show." Olivia P. from Boston


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